AMC Art Metal Conservation
Olivier Berger
AMC Art Metal Conservation GmbH
Pilgerstrasse 2
4055 Basel

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Ausbildung und Lehre der Konservierung / Restaurierung


Lehre der Konservierung und Restaurierung im asiatischen und arabischen Raum.

We have relevant experience in teaching conservation-restoration of metal objects including outdoor sculptures.

In Switzerland, we are working for the Olympic Museum of Lausanne taking care of their outdoor sculptures, offering our expertise about conservation-restoration and teaching them how to maintain the outdoor collection.

With the sponsoring of Hilti foundation every year since the past ten years, we have been training restorers in Egypt, where we equipped two laboratories for treatments of restoration under the responsibility of the Supreme Council of Antiquities.

In 2009, we focused on a continent where we didn’t work until now: Asia.

In April 2009, we worked on projects funded by the Belgium and French governments concerning education and cooperation in Vietnam. The first collaboration was in the National Museum in Hanoi, where we gave a three week course of conservation and restoration of metal artefacts for conservators and restorers coming from different museums in Vietnam.

In September 2009 we participated in the Coll-Asia program from ICCROM and SPAFA in the National Museum, Manila in the Philippines.


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